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Your Time is Valuable

With your consent we will handle the appraisal process, schedule the repairs, and continue communication with your insurance company until you are back on the road again.  Our office staff has a combined 60 years of claims handling experience.  We recognize that every situation is unique and we take the time to get you the right information in a timely manner.  

What you Should Expect During the Repair Process?

No repair can be started before your insurance company's appraiser has had a chance to inspect your vehicle.  Prior to the arrival of your insurance appraiser, we do a full inspection of the damages and write a complete report.  We review the report with the appraiser, order any necessary parts and prepare the vehicle for repair.  The time of repairs is based upon the extent of damages, availability of parts, and the interaction with the damage appraiser.  Often, during the repair process hidden damages are discovered.  When this happens, we immediately contact your insurance company and arrange for additional inspections (commonly referred to as "supplemental damage.")

How Long Will it Take to Fix My Car?

It depends.  Your Vehicle is an important investment and it is our job to protect that investment. More importantly, it is our job to ensure the safety of your vehicle.  Each vehicle is unique and today's modern vehicles are complicated.  

  • Many times we will utilize outside specialist to aid in the repair of various systems.  
  • Weather can be a factor in the drying times of paint.  Again we emphasize our use of THE highest quality paint products which set the standard for the industry.
  • During the course of repairs it is usually necessary to call back your insurance company appraiser to inspect damages that were hidden during the initial appraisal. 
  • Parts can often be delayed or backordered.  We will not compromise the quality of repairs by using an inferior part just because it is available quickly.  We strive to use the highest quality parts to ensure the integrity of the repair. 
  • In many cases the proper repair of your car requires major disassembly.  All parts are removed from areas to be painting and blended.  The reassembly can be time consuming.  Our overall goal is to make your car appear as it was never repaired.  The long term value of your car depends on a proper repair.  This is why we offer a lifetime warranty.