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Drop Off Check List

  • Please bring all insurance paperwork with you when dropping off your vehicle.  We must have a copy of your insurance company's damage appraisal in order to commence repairs. 
  • If you have already received your insurance check, please bring it with you.  Many times checks require the endorsement of the lienholder which we can handle for you.  If you have not received your insurance check, please let us know immediately. 
  • Please furnish us with a contact phone number and/or email address. 
  • Please furnish us with your insurance agency's name, phone number, and contact person.
  • Please remove all valuables and personal property from your vehicle prior to leaving it for repairs.  Anchor Auto Body is not responsible for any items left in your vehicle. 
  • Please remember that during the repair process it is often necessary to disconnect the battery.  Your alarm and radio codes may need to be reset.  Please leave any alarm key pads and codes with your keys. 
  • Please leave wheel lug or wheel cover lock keys with us when you leave your vehicle for repairs.  During the repair process, we frequently need to remove the wheels. 
  • Please remove all personal items from your trunk.  We often need access to the trunk and cannot be held responsible for any personal items left in your vehicle. 
  • Please review our payment policy.  Payment must be made in full upon completion of the repairs.  We accept insurance company checks, cash, MasterCard, and Visa.  Personal checks are accepted with prior approval.  
  • Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions.